Seth Corker

Seth Corker

I'm a Senior Full Stack Product Engineer at zeroheight in London. I help build a solution to document design systems and aide adoption of those systems across the business.

Previously, a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer and Tech Lead at Zego leading the technical direction with micro frontend architecture, mentoring engineers and organising the frontend guild. Worked with Python - specifically Django and FastAPI. Maintained GrapgQL APIs with clients using Relay. Experienced in React + JavaScript and CSS.

Even longer ago, a professional C# .NET developer creating systems on ASP.NET MVC in New Zealand.

I deliver productive GraphQL APIs from Python Django that power rich user experiences and build consumer facing onboarding experiences with Next.js.
My passions are learning new skills, picking apart technologies and crafting cool products.

Coding in Framer Series

Watch my free tutorial series on how to get started coding in Framer. We'll use the popular design and prototyping Framer Web to craft beautiful user interfaces but we'll make them more rich and interactive with code. I'll take you from your first code component in React, smooth animations with Framer Motion and handoff into a code project.

Want a little fun this holidays?

Here's a little ABCs website for web developers! It's a little bit of fun these holidays, each day until the 26th of December, a new letter will be out.

Learn your ABCs all over again

Bored? Need a creative challenge?

Try making something new and letting your creativity flow through the confines of a really, really, limited design prompt generator.

Visit "Dev Challenge" and start making

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If you have an opportunity you think I might be interested in, want to collaborate with me or, need something built — fill out the form to reach out.

YouTube: Coding with Seth

Watch Coding with Seth and let's build things together, experiment with web technologies and craft amazing animations in Framer Motion.